Specialized CAD Training: Space Reconfiguration

Basic CAD Training – Space Management and CAFM Maintenance


Duration:  4-Days, 8 AM – 5 PM

Cost:  $ 2,400 – TOTAL GROUP PRICE – Group Training Class up to 6 Students.  ($400/student, with minimum charge of $2,400 per class, regardless of class size.)

Overview:  This class will utilize a “workshop” format and involves several “Hands-On” tutorials.  Emphasis will be made on maintaining existing space-related data and existing CAD floor plans.  Students will learn basic CAD principles and techniques, and how to create template libraries of furniture and cubicle layout symbols or blocks.  Exercises for the workshop are drawn from a variety of disciplines, including cubicle-layout design, facility layout, architectural drafting, and space-design configuration.  Participants for each workshop are surveyed to determine their areas of interest and when possible, exercises are tailored to match the needs of the workshop attendees.  Typically, classes utilize a Customer’s own facility floor plans.  Students are taught how to make office, cubicle space reconfigurations, re-polyline space as per BOMA Standards, maintain facility CAD Drawings as per AIA layering Standards, re-attach or update associated data to polyline.

Key Benefits:

After completing this training, a student can expect to:

Pre-Requisite:  Microsoft Windows ® experience.  Ability to cut/copy/paste objects within a document or drawing.  Ideally, student has some background in CAD, however no AutoCAD experience is necessary, but participants should be comfortable opening, saving and closing files; moving, copying and deleting files; locating files in different folders and reading blueprints.