CAFM Implementation Services

  • Space Management

    Al Keith & Associates, Inc. provide CAFM implementation to accurately track detailed information about your organization’s buildings, floors, tenants, departments and office spaces. Our clients have the ability to visually organize and track space through scaled drawings of floor plans. Our CAFM implementation links all space-related data such as square-footage, room numbers, room type, space types and departmental coding to floor plans.

    We understand the needs and the report requirements of Facility and Real Estate Directors, such as Space Chargebacks, Space Utilization, Move Management, Space Allocation reports.

  • Personnel Management

    Using CAFM software, you will be able to visually see the exact location and HR information on each employee throughout your organization. We will enable you to analyze personnel data in a timely, efficient manner in order to reduce personnel move costs with more efficient coordination between your architects, furniture vendors, movers, telecom, IT, HR, Corp Security.
  • Furniture & Asset Management

    Visually track assets throughout your company to lower their asset costs. Assets can be visually tracked in a CAFM program allowing you to easily manage each individual asset. Tracking furniture and equipment such as computers, facsimile machines, printers, telephone lines, etc. is useful as you plan moves and reconstruction. Tracking information may include location, manufacturer, model, serial number, asset bar code, as well as maintenance and lease information.
  • Real Estate Management

    Real Estate Management software manages and tracks property information and provides a visual location of properties on global, state and local maps. We provide the ability to track information such as: Lease Expirations, Multiple Lease Periods/Rents, Lease Options, Pay Requests, Sublet & Assignment, Landlord/Tenant, Subleases, Taxes, Surplus Properties, Insurance, Maintenance, Environmental, Owned Property Information, Appraisal/Survey/Title, and automated Key Dates Email Notification system.
  • Network Devices & Data Jacks

  • Data Center Technology Management