About Us

Al Keith & Associates, Inc. (AKA) is a team of professional consultants, engineers and software experts. We specialize in solving problems for facilities managers, facilities engineers and real estate professionals. Applying the right technological solution can lead to increased efficiency, better information for sound decisions and lower operating costs.

Competing in the global economy requires that managers make good strategic decisions and manage company assets wisely. Accurate, timely data is the key.  Good data is essential for good decision making, whether you are managing internal moves, projecting the impact of growth, allocating overhead costs, performing life cycle cost analyses on major equipment or handling any of the daily challenges in the dynamic facilities management process.

We believe that an organization’s data about their facilities is a very valuable asset. This data, including CAD floor plan files, should be kept current and readily available as a resource for analysis, planning and decision making. All of our services are focused on helping our clients organize, manage and present information about their facilities in a way that best meets their particular needs and supports their core business.