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In 2001, Al Keith & Associates, Inc. (AKA) became what was formerly Collaborative Consulting Group, LLC (CCG).  Many of the original employees and management of CCG are still with AKA today.  CCG, and now AKA, have been leaders in the Facilities Management Software and Consulting business for over 15-years.  During the course of our history, we have been certified Computer-Aided Facilities Management Software Providers for Aperture Technologies, FM:Systems, TriRiga, Archibus ..... as well as experts in Microstation and AutoCAD Computer-Aided Drafting Softwares.  Our primary business has been in the following areas:  Computer-Aided Facilities Management, Computerized Maintenance Management Systems, Electronic Document Management Systems, Geographical Information Systems.

Our experience in working for many leading Fortune 500 Corporations, as well as large governmental and institutional clients over the years has given us a valuable intellectual knowledge base.  We have used this knowledge base to leverage our technology to compliment our client's business operations, processes, and work-flow.  Over the years, we have expanded our technology implementation services to include Business & Management Consulting which focuses on clearly articulating a client's work-flow and business processes.

Our experience as certified solutions providers of leading Facility Management software, coupled with our experience in working at various client sites, has given us the unique perspective to identify gaps in some of these leading software.  Utilizing our understanding of our client's actual real-world needs and our extensive business management experience, we have developed our own software to meet and fill these gaps.  Our software is not in competition with these other leading software, but instead compliments and fills certain gaps and needs.

We partner with our clients to deliver customized solutions that resolve their most significant issues and create lasting competitive advantage. Utilizing decades of industry experience and functional expertise, Al Keith & Associates looks beyond standard solutions to develop new insights, mobilize organizations, drive tangible results, and make companies more capable.